Saying farewell to Doha

I have just read back on my previous posts and almost all of them start with an apology for the lack of writing, this time you do deserve one. Its been some time, actually quite some time, (more than 2 months – eek!!! ) since I last posted on my blog !!!  I have many excuses but I won’t bore you with the details.We have finally arrived in Maputo after being delayed in South Africa for 6 weeks, but before I tell you all about that part of the journey I thought I needed to say a farewell to Doha.   

Although we were looking forward to our next part of the journey, I was quite sad to say goodbye to all the friends that I made in the short time that we were in Doha, and just want to thank each one of them for making me feel so welcome and being there for me which was quite a stressful time in my life. Even though we only knew each other for a short while, they were all very special to me and I really hope that our paths will cross again one day. Thank you also for all the lovely farewell gifts, I was truly spoilt. 

 Highlights of my time in Doha was seeing Roger Federer play tennis and winning the tournament, seeing fascinating buildings, early morning power walking on the Corniche with my friend Janis, spending time at Souk Waqif, seeing the camel racing, spending time at the Pearl (would have been great to live there), visiting Villaggio shopping centre (over the top) and the 20 minute firework display on National day, but most of all was meeting such amazing people.  

Meeting Roger - the closest I could get
His number one fan
At the tennis
Farewell lunch with the" lovely Doha ladies "
Old years eve with a few of the lovely ladies
Farewell dinner with friends at the Souq
Janis and I on one of our morning walks
The Pearl
museum of Islamic art
Amazing building
Cheers Doha !!!