I have just realised that I broke a promise, in my last post I promised to write soon and post pictures of potholes and our trip to Swaziland..oops sorry failure. The photos of Swaziland I can do, but the potholes I am afraid, can’t do, I never got around to taking any photo’s and now all the potholes have been filled in. I have been told that this happens every year but that they will all be back again in December after the first rains…(will take some photo’s then). 

Our weekend in Swaziland was amazing, we went with the Hash Club (as in Hash House Harriers, check out Maputo Hash House Harriers if you are interested to see what its about) and stayed at the Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary in the Ezulwini Valley in typical Swazi huts, these were called Beehives and you can see why. 


We had 2 runs over the weekend (one ending getting home in the dark in pouring rain and lightening far to close for comfort) , lots of drinking and plenty of time for shopping in between. 

Some 'Hashers' before one of the runs

Went to the Swazi Candle Factory, where we bought an African mask and Ngwenya Glass factory were we bought these funky hand blown glasses. 

Funky wine glasses from Ngwenya Glass - love them !!!
African mask : the only one we both liked

We also stopped at the House on Fire for lunch, an amazing, bizarre, fascinating building which looks like the person who designed it was on some type of drugs, it has a shop which had gorgeous candle holders and clocks etc Stefan and I were quite tempted to buy a candle stand but in seriousness it was expensive and would have looked ridiculous and out of place with our furniture. It’s definitely worth paying the House on Fire a visit if you are ever in Swaziland. (sorry no photo’s Stefan took hundreds but he’s not here at the moment – google it 🙂 

I loved being in Swaziland, it has rolling hills, was very green and incredibly clean, the roads are in great condition too. I really hope the Swazi government can sort out the economic crisis there; apparently there is only enough money to keep the country going till July. Can’t wait for our next visit. 

 P.S it’s Mozambique Independence Day tomorrow, we are hoping there will be something happening in this area which we will be able to see from our balcony, they are preparing for something judging by all the flags, and the band practice I have heard all morning, hopefully there will be some good photo opportunities which I can show you..