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A Tribute to a Wonderful Dad

I naively thought that he would live forever so it came as a huge shock when my sister phoned me to tell me my Dad had died. One of my earliest memories of him was when I was about 5 … Continue reading

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I have just realised that I broke a promise, in my last post I promised to write soon and post pictures of potholes and our trip to Swaziland..oops sorry failure. The photos of Swaziland I can do, but the potholes … Continue reading

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Maputo at last !!

I can’t believe that we have been in Maputo for almost 2 months… it was a huge culture shock when we arrived. Not sure what we expected but it definitely wasn’t this…. When we had told friends that we were moving … Continue reading

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Saying farewell to Doha

I have just read back on my previous posts and almost all of them start with an apology for the lack of writing, this time you do deserve one. Its been some time, actually quite some time, (more than 2 months … Continue reading

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Souk Waqif

Sorry that I haven’t written for a while, this time I have no excuse other than pure laziness and also nothing remotely exciting has happened since I last wrote. I have been spending my days with an early exercise routine … Continue reading

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Unexpected pothole

When I started writing this blogg I wrote that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, what I never thought of at the time was that sometimes the road one travels hits unexpected potholes and that … Continue reading

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Sorry that I haven’t posted anything for 2 weeks. Stefan and I decided to make the most of the Eid holiday by joining the masses at Doha airport to fly to Phuket, Thailand. I have never been to an airport … Continue reading

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Thunder storm in Doha

 Today I experienced my first thunder storm in Doha. There are few things I love more than thunderstorms, I love the sounds, the smell and they way everything feels fresh once it has passed. I stood standing at the window with … Continue reading

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Ezdan Towers – our temporary residence

Today is Monday, I know this because the carpet in the elevator told me so… it gets changed every day which is great for me because at the moment every day feels the same.  We are staying on the 22nd … Continue reading

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The journey begins….

It took about 4 months from the time Stefan and I decided that we were moving to Doha for me to finally board the plane.  The last few weeks in the UK passed in a blur, the flat was being … Continue reading

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