Ezdan Towers – our temporary residence

Today is Monday, I know this because the carpet in the elevator told me so… it gets changed every day which is great for me because at the moment every day feels the same. 

carpet in elevator where we are staying

We are staying on the 22nd floor of a hotel called Ezdan (someone called it the Ezdan Tower of hell on Trip Advisor and generally the ratings are rubbish), the views are great and apart from the awful smell which occassionally drifts through the pipes in the bathroom and poor customer service, it isn’t a bad place to stay. It has a great swimming pool which I can see from the window, a gym which has a few treadmills, cross trainers and weights, sauna and steam room and 2 studios one for men and one for women. They have an aerobics class once a week and a Salsa class on a Monday night, I have wondered how they teach Salsa with men only and women only studios ?

view of the pool

The hotel has a coffee shop, 2 restaurants,a hairdresser for women, another for men and a super market. It is located close to the main business area and in walking distance from the Corniche which is a boulevard stretching about 7km along the waterway. It is used for walking, cycling and running and has benches etc to hang out on. There are restaurants and museums along the way and is generally a good place to hang out.

view from Ezdan Tower

We signed for our own place on Saturday this involved sampling loads of chocolate and drinking cups of sweet tea, an interesting experience as our landlord owns a chocolate factory and a few chocolate shops in Doha called Larissa.  We move on 1st December, it looks like we might be camping though as our furniture hasnt left the UK yet. I will post details as soon as we have the keys and I can take some photos, you will love it.