Souk Waqif

Sorry that I haven’t written for a while, this time I have no excuse other than pure laziness and also nothing remotely exciting has happened since I last wrote. I have been spending my days with an early exercise routine which is either an 8km walk on the Corniche with my friend J or on alternative days a workout in the gym (Ezdan surprisingly has a good gym !!!). I have been lucky enough to meet a great bunch of ladies who hail from all over the world, Australia, UK, Holland, Canada and Austin Texas who have been great and welcomed me into there, we meet up for coffee or lunch once a week , have met a few times for a walk around the Souk and even spent New Years Eve with some of them. It feels like I have known them for much longer than a few weeks.

As promised I thought I would tell you about what we have done since arriving here.

 One of my favourite places in Doha is Souk Waqif, for those of you who don’t know a souk is a market. Souk Waqif has many little alleys with shops selling pashminas to catering pots, spices and dried fruits, clothes toys and pets, you can get pretty much anything here.  It reminds me a bit of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul on a smaller scale without being bugged to buy something and it has a bit of a Moroccan feel to it.(not that I have been to Morocco but its what I imagine it must be!!)

Souk Waqif
Narrow passages filled with shops selling different things
Wheel barrows lined up in narrow passage
'Hubbly Bubbly's' or better known as Hashish pipes

It has great coffee shops where you can sit for hours sipping coffee and smoking hashish pipes whilst people watching. It also has many different restaurants my favourite is Moroccan called Tajine. We went for dinner when we first arrived with business colleagues of S’s who were in Doha for a few days. I was the only one who didn’t order baby camel stew… they all said it was delicious, I was to nervous to try it..

M and P enjoying baby camel stew
S enjoying a typical Lebanese lunch ..yum !!

One night we went out for dinner with friends J and C, we had a lovely dinner, J and I had a hubbly bubbly after dinner, I chose mint flavour which was great.. I woke up the next morning feeling a bit worse for wear as though I had a hangover – which was impossible as all we drank that night was water and a cup of coffee… looking at my eyes in the photo’s maybe they put something stronger than mint in it !!!

'Hubbly Bubbly' man preparing the pipe
S and I

I will post again in a few days.. hope you enjoyed reading !

P.S thought I would update you on S shirt’s we had made in Thailand – after about 6 washes there is no sign of them falling apart which goes to show don’t believe everything you read in a guide book !