Thunder storm in Doha

 Today I experienced my first thunder storm in Doha. There are few things I love more than thunderstorms, I love the sounds, the smell and they way everything feels fresh once it has passed. I stood standing at the window with my camera ready waiting to capture this (living on the 22nd floor, I was scared that if I went downstairs by the time I got there I might miss it and also wouldnt have been able to capture the moment). I didnt need to worry as it took all day for the storm to finally break. I went outside and stood at the entrance to our building so that I could experience it and take some photographs. The wind was howling and  sand was blowing into my eyes. The heavens opened as the battery in my camera died….
As I write this it is pouring with rain – I can hardly see out of the window as the rain has covered it. I am hoping that the camera will charge quickly so I can get some shots of the lightening over the sea. The storm has not dissapointed me.
dark clouds over Doha this morning
view from the entrance to Ezdan
grey clouds
howling wind
view through rainy window